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What is a School Board?

  • Washington’s public school districts are governed by publicly elected school board members, called “directors”

  • There are five School Board districts in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park (Shoreline School District)

  • Each district has one elected School Board Director, who is a resident of that district

  • School Board directors serve a four-year term, working together to oversee the school district

  • Directors are parents and grandparents, young people and senior citizens, and diverse community members from all walks of life

  • Each member brings their varying experiences and backgrounds to inform good decision making with a spirit of teamwork

Information courtesy of Washington State School Directors' Association

Student Representatives

  • Shoreline School Board includes four student representatives
  • Student reps are selected from both high schools
  • Students begin terms during  their junior year and serve for two years

What do School Board Directors Do?

As a board, their primary responsibilities are to: 

  • Hire, supervise, and evaluate the superintendent 

  • Set the vision, mission, and strategic goals for the district

  • Review, revise, and adopt policies

  • Establish and oversee the budget

  • Serve as community representatives

  • Monitor the district’s progress toward its goals

School Board Directors:

  • Attend typically 2+ meetings each month, plus many other school visits and events

  • Make important decisions during good times and challenging ones

  • Receive input from school district staff, students, families, and community members, which they take into consideration when providing guidance

School Board Recognition Month 2024