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Participating in the Legislative Process

The WA State Legislature convenes each January for the purpose of creating/revising state laws and to establish/revise the state budget. In odd-numbered years (the budget year), the Legislature meets for 105 days, and for 60 days in even-numbered years.

As with voting, participating in the state’s legislative process is a way that individuals can have a voice in the policies and funding established by the state legislature. State legislators welcome your involvement in the process and hope you'll take the opportunity to participate.


Here are ways you can share your thoughts and feedback during session:

Communicate with Your Legislators

Shoreline School District is represented by the legislators of the 1st and 32nd districts. These are:

1st Legislative District - Lake Forest Park

Senator Derek Stanford
(360) 786-7600

Legislative Assistant:
Stephen Cardamenis


Rep. Shelley Kloba
(360) 786-7900

Legislative Assistant:
Brian Haifley (564) 888-2377


Rep. Davina Duerr
(360) 786-7928

Legislative Assistant:

Ann Dasch


32nd Legislative District - Shoreline

Senator Jesse Salomon
(360) 786-7662

Legislative Assistant:

John Elder


Rep. Cindy Ryu
(360) 786-7880

Legislative Assistant:

Shoubee Liaw


Rep. Lauren Davis
(360) 786-7910

Legislative Assistant:

Charlotte Janovyak


The committee chairs / ranking members of the committees that will hear and debate education policy and funding bills are:

House of Representatives


Sharon Tomiko Santos - Chair

Clyde Shavers - Vice Chair

Skyler Rude - Ranking Member

Joel McEntire - Asst. Ranking Member 




Timm Ormsby - Chair 

Steve Bergquist - Vice Chair

Mia Gregerson - Vice Chair

Nicole Macri - Vice Chair

Drew Stokesbary - Ranking Member

Kelly Chambers - Asst. Ranking Member

Chris Corry - Asst Ranking Member 




Early Learning & K-12 Education

Lisa Wellman - Chair

T’wina Nobles - Vice Chair t’

Claire Wilson - Vice Chair

Brad Hawkins - Ranking Member



Ways & Means

Christine Rolfes - Chair

June Robinson - Vice Chair Operating Budget & Revenue

Lynda Wilson - Ranking Member Operating Budget

Chris Gildon - Asst. Ranking Member Operating Budget 



Testify or Submit a Position on a Bill Being Heard in Committee

Each Thursday, the committee schedule for the next week is established. You can track what bills are being heard by visiting the Committee Schedules, Agendas, and Documents page on the legislature website.

Use the Committee Sign-in page to sign up to provide verbal testimony, written testimony, or simply record your position on various bills. NOTE: positions and in-person/remote testimony sign-ins can be submitted up to 1 hour before the hearing; written testimony can be submitted up to 24 hours after the hearing.

A quick video tutorial of how to do the sign-up process

Guidance from the legislature on how to testify in committee


Send Comments on a Specific Bill to the Bill Sponsor(s)

Send bill comments by searching for bills by number, then use the “Comment on this Bill” button to use the online comment form. This will go to the people sponsoring the bill.


Additional Resources