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Legislative Priorities

Shoreline Public Schools 2024 Legislative Priorities

As school districts across the state grapple with revenue shortfalls due to the intersection of decreased state funding and increasing costs, we urge our state and national representatives to prioritize stabilizing K-12 funding in 2024 and beyond by:

Amply Fund Staffing Positions and Compensation

  • Realign and fund the staffing allocations for building and support positions needed to have comprehensive learning and care for students in each building (principals, asst. principals, deans, counselors, librarians, nurses, psychologists, paras, family advocates, custodians, security, front office, and nutrition services).
  • Update the state funding model for substitutes (minimum 12 days/$190 per day).
  • Fund the unfunded portions of SEBB and IPD/COLA increases for Title 1 staff.

Realize Inclusive Special Education as Basic Education

  • Fully and amply fund IDEA and the true cost of special education services.
  • Remove barriers to Safety Net applications and reimbursement.

Support the Whole Child

  • Provide for universal school meals for all students.
  • Fund additional mental health supports and substance abuse prevention.
  • Fund the true cost of transportation: fuel, fleet, and staffing.

Respond to Regional Costs

  • Establish district regionalization parameters based on the true cost of living and labor markets regionally; keeping neighboring districts within 2-3% of each other.
  • Increase MSOC allocations to adjust for increasing insurance and utility costs.

Deliver on Promises

  • Fund staffing and resources devoted to racial equity, including diverse and inclusive learning standards, Ethnic Studies K-12, and Since Time Immemorial curriculum.
  • No unfunded mandates. Ensure all existing and new public school directives receive the necessary funding for implementation.

Protect Our Students’ Future

  • Create an ethical regulatory framework for generative AI technologies that supports innovative education approaches while providing professional development funding.
  • Invest in climate impact mitigation strategies to address and reverse the escalating effects of humans on the climate and the earth’s temperature. Support schools in updating our infrastructure and transportation systems to renewable options.

Download Legislative Priorities One-Pager