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Snow Routes

In the event of snowy or icy roads in the district, buses may be unable to safely pick up and drop off students at their typical stops, and instead will travel on predetermined snow routes with limited or adjusted stops. Families should know their nearest snow route stop and what the pickup (AM) and drop-off (PM) times will be in advance of an inclement weather event.

Buses may be on snow routes if school is on a normal schedule, if we have a delayed start to the school day, or if we release school early due to inclement weather conditions. District emergency communications will include mention of snow routes if they are being followed. If snow routes are used for morning routes, they will also be used for that day's afternoon routes.

When buses are on snow routes, there are no afternoon activity buses for the middle schools and no out-of-district transportation.

Snow routes for specialized transportation, including Edwin Pratt Early Learning Center, transition programs, and other Shoreline School District transportation will be communicated to families by the schools or programs directly.