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Lightspeed Parent Portal

For parents/guardians of students in grades 6-11, we offer a way for you to view your child(ren)'s use of the internet on their 1:1 Chromebooks brought home from school. This tool is called "Lightspeed Filter, and it allows parents/guardians to access a portal where they can restrict student access to the internet at set times on district-issued devices while at home.   In addition to the portal that's available, Shoreline Schools will send digests of student activity to parents/guardians of all students in grades 6-11 starting this weekend. Please make sure to check your spam/junk mail if you do not see the digest by Sunday night, and look for the subject line “Relay Portal Weekly Report.”   We are starting delivery of the digest this weekend to include parents/guardians of new students, and some who have previously unsubscribed may need to do so again for the coming year.



You can set up an account and log on from this digest email to get a more detailed view of student internet activity. Alternatively, you can directly go to to register for a portal account. If you don’t want to continue receiving the parent report, unsubscribe from the digest. 

Once registered for an account, you can log on to view a more detailed list of your child(ren)’s browsing history and pause internet access, as shown here:



Student privacy is important to us and our vendors; therefore, we only use the minimum amount of data to maintain accounts and connections to classes and teachers. View Lightspeed’s privacy policy.

Please direct questions about this tool to the technology department, not your school staff. We can be reached at: