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Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum Adoption Committee


This committee will review and select social-emotional learning materials that support the focus and coherence of the Washington State Social Emotional Learning Indicators, as well as support our vision for student learners as stated in the Shoreline Instructional Strategic Plan.


The Curriculum Adoption Process

Shoreline adoption guide 

What is SEL?

CASEL website

OSPI module

What are the WA Standards?

State SEL Standards

What are best practices in SEL instruction?

Washington State Social Emotional Learning Implementation Guide

Teaching the Whole Child

CASEL SEL Approaches

SEL and Equity:

Shoreline Race & Equity Impact Decision-Making Tool

CASEL SEL and Equity Resource

National Equity Project SEL Pitfalls and Recommendations

What are other districts in our region doing?

K–12 Social and Emotional Learning Across Washington: A Statewide Landscape Scan

Program and Practice reviews:

Navigating Social and Emotional Learning from the Inside Out

CASEL Program Guides


Social and Emotional Learning Interventions Evidence Review

The Future of Children: Social and Emotional Learning

Restorative Justice Evidence Review

Final Committee Rubric to Evaluate Curricula

Committee Members

Team leads

Heidi Alexander and Karena Valiquette

Committee Members

Elementary Teachers

Donna Ahron, Jenica Itaya, Liz Whitney, Andrew Eller, Lisa Larsen, Michelle Hageland and Brent Allred

Secondary Teachers

Sara Haueter, Kathy Elwell and Amy Chertok


Yuyan Lou, Tyan Hynes, Cher Anderton and Scott Shiebler


Nara Kim and Kris Stojetz

Classified Staff

Laura Gygi-Gamble and Will Lewis


Tanisha Felder and Jacqueline Estephan


Jill Brown, Kim Kauffman, Kelley Flatters, Kathryn Zwack and Teresa Osborn


Sadrina Dorn and Chris Mayer

Community Member

Lori Lynass

Committee members serve in a strong SEL leadership role in their building during the implementation years.

Timeline and Updates

The Timeline

  • Phase 1: Fall 2019 - Learning and Research
  • Phase 2: Winter-Spring 2020 - Materials Review, Selection & Piloting
  • Phase 3: Spring 2020-Fall 2020 - Adoption Decision & Implementation Planning
  • Phase 4: Fall 2021- Implementation Year 1

June 2020 update:

While there are many challenges to surmount, our students need us to support their social-emotional development now more than ever.


The group recommends a pilot of Second Step and Ruler, starting in Fall 2020.


The group recommends revisiting the process of piloting SEL curricula in January 2021.  Given the opening of new buildings, the addition of 6th grade, and the prolonged closure, the group felt initiating a pilot at this time is not feasible.  In the interim, building leadership plans to engage in community building activities using materials from Character Strong in the fall during advisory period.


This group has met multiple times, reviewed applicable literature, discussed options, and asked questions of School Connect and Character Strong representatives.  We plan to continue in January 2021, with expanded committee membership, and will work to align SEL with the PBIS and equity work already happening in buildings.

November 2020 update:

 The elementary group recommends RULER as the K-5 curriculum.  Next step will be to present to DIMC and the School Board.

January 2021 update:

The secondary group recommends that we wait until we return to in-person learning to initiate a curriculum pilot.  In the meantime, the team will continue to research available curricula.