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SUN Bucks

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SUN Bucks benefits will help families buy groceries while children are home during the summer months. Enrolled students who are approved for free/reduced-price meals at the end of the school year will automatically become eligible for SUN Bucks. 

SUN Bucks Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Plan Information
The SUN Bucks EBT program will be available as follows:

Qualifying children will receive a one-time lump sum of $120 per child to cover the summer months. School-aged children enrolled in Washington state schools that operate the NSLP who are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals are eligible for SUN Bucks benefits.

Once approved by USDA, the state will issue SUN Bucks beginning mid-June through the end of August 2024. Within this period, children may receive benefits at different times depending on how they qualify. Once qualified, children will receive an approval notice and SUN Bucks EBT card within 7 to 10 business days via U.S. mail. 

Can Families Still Access Summer Meals? Yes. SUN Bucks benefits do not replace any food assistance program already offered, including free summer meals. Families can continue participating in a summer meal program at their local schools and community locations, even if they receive SUN Bucks benefits.

Can SUN Bucks affect my family's immigration status? No. Applying for or using SUN Bucks will not change a parent or child's immigration status. SUN Bucks is not a public charge. No one will ask about you or your child’s immigration status or citizenship.

Do these benefits expire? Yes. SUN Bucks benefits expire and are removed 122 days from issuance. Unlike SNAP EBT, SUN Bucks are removed regardless of usage. Once benefits are removed from an EBT card, they cannot be replaced. (So use these benefits first!)

SUN Bucks Contact
For full details and additional questions  families can visit or call the SUN Bucks Call Center 1-833-543-3230 between 8 am and 5 pm PT, Monday-Friday (except observed holidays).