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Meet Your Family Advocates!

Family Advocate List with Contact Information

Equitable Family Engagement and the Role of Family Advocates


Shoreline Schools will actively engage all families so they are seen, heard, and included in school communities, with the intent for all students’ success.


Equitable family engagement will embrace diversity, identify and break down systemic barriers, act as a bridge between the school and families, have a positive impact on student achievement and behavior. Family Engagement will empower families to know how to support their child’s education, and for schools to learn from the expertise families have about their child. Academic and whole child success is dependent on family engagement.

In Shoreline Schools, each building has a Family Advocate. 

Whether you are searching for ways to be engaged in your child's school or you have a need for specific resources, your family advocate is a great person to know.

Family Advocates are the school leads for  Natural Leaders and support the  family engagement work in each school.

Our Family Engagement work is based on Family Design Collaborative informed by Beyond the Bake Sale by Dr. Mapp, and in partnership with Washington Family and Community Trust and Washington Alliance for Better Schools.

We engage in a Cycle of Inquiry with the theory of action being:  having families and schools partnering together creates higher levels of success for students.


Cycle of Inquiry Model



Programs and Resources