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Budget Advisory Team

Purpose: to provide a transparent understanding of the district's financial information at a more thorough level than might be presented elsewhere.

The Budget Advisory Team (BAT) is a diverse group of parents/guardians, staff, students, and community members who represent a wide range of perspectives. The team reviews the district’s current and projected budget challenges and the factors that influence school funding and spending, and they monitor the progress of our annual budget. 

The 2023-24 BAT members provide their perspectives on the school district’s budget, with opportunities to learn from and ask questions of subject matter experts to gain understanding of the school district’s financial situation. BAT members are not expected to provide recommendations for specific program or position reductions or adjustments, although informed suggestions are welcomed and will be considered. Members of the BAT are encouraged to share their learnings with others in their school, work, and community networks, to help develop a wider understanding of the school district’s budget situation and planning processes.

As information is provided to the BAT, we will gather concerns, questions, and suggestions regarding information such as financial trends, comparisons, funding, and expenditures. School Board reports will include a summary of topics covered, issues, and concerns.

Meeting Schedule

All BAT meetings will be held in person in the Shoreline Room at the Shoreline Center. Team members make a commitment to participate in all meetings.

  • Monday, December 18, 6-7:00 pm
  • Monday, January 8, 6-7:00 pm
  • Monday, February 12, 6-7:00 pm

  • Monday, March 11, 6-7:00 pm

  • Monday, April 8, 6-7:00 p

  • May meeting TBD

Materials presented at BAT meetings will be posted online, BAT reports will be provided at School Board meetings as appropriate, and summaries of meeting topics and discussion will be posted. Seating will be available for public attendance at the BAT meetings; however, the meetings will not be recorded or live-streamed. 

BAT Meeting Resources

Meeting presentations and other materials will be posted here following each meeting of the Budget Advisory Team.


At BAT meetings this year, members of this school year's Budget Advisory Team (BAT) recently submitted their questions about Shoreline School District finances. Those Q&A documents are shared below.

January 8 Meeting Questions and Answers

February 12 Meeting Questions and Answers

2022-23 Budget Advisory Team Background

Find meeting presentations, BAT reports, and more background on the 2022-23 BAT page.

Learn more about the school district budget history, current status, and outlook.