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Employee Information for New Website

Employee Information for New Website

Dear Shoreline Schools Employees,

We are pleased to share that the new Shoreline School District website launched on Monday, August 28.

Our past website address,, redirects to the new address, as do some of the most frequently accessed pages. School home pages, which had previously been subpages of the site, are now subdomains. For example, Briarcrest was and is now School home pages do redirect to the new website.

A full video tour of the website will be released soon, but we wanted to share with you information about the Staff Portal pages that’s a new feature of the website. You can think of this section as an intranet of sorts, and while the public-facing portions of our website have been top priority for launch, we are excited for the possibilities that an employee-only section of the website presents.

How to Log In

  1. Find the Staff Portal at this URL: Or navigate to “Staff Portal” from the dropdown menu on the website. (Note that as of 3 pm on August 29, the dropdown menus from school sites are not functioning properly and are being repaired.)

  1. Log in using your full district email address: first.last@ssd412.orgIf you are logged into google with your district account, you will automatically get access to the Staff Portal. If you are not logged in, you will see the district login page and be prompted to log in just like you would to your computer or district google account.

  2. Once logged in, you’ll see main information and news on the Staff Portal home page, as well as a left-hand navigation that contains employee-specific information (these features are described below). You’ll also see directions for how to share something you’ve found that could be fixed or improved on the website.


Staff Portal Content

Employee News & Announcements (right column)

Employee-related communications about matters such as payroll, districtwide messages, and other matters that are applicable to all Shoreline Schools employees will be posted to the Staff Portal. When a news item is posted, staff will also receive notification of the news via email.

Maintaining a central repository of district news is handy for future reference, makes the information easy to find, and keeps it available to those who are hired after an email notice is sent.

Employee Information (left column)

The majority of the Staff Portal pages contain information that’s specific to those who work in Shoreline School District but does not need to be accessed by the public. The departmental pages contain useful information about such topics as scheduling field trips, submitting work orders, requesting shared items available at the district warehouse.

The handling of district forms is an area currently undergoing a significant amount of work in advance of the start of school. If there is a form you need immediately that was on the old website, you can find a link on the Staff Portal page to the archived website.


Please also note that district and building staff directories are not yet live on the website. This data is being updated to reflect 23-24 school year staffing, and the pages will be up when that work is closer to finalized.

Many school web administrators and editors, school and district leaders, and central service staff have contributed to this new site and continue to bring their knowledge and expertise to the district community on our website. We are thankful for their diligent work to create and continue developing this more modern, improved user experience for our community.