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Safety and Security Improvements Planned for Shoreline Middle and High Schools

Safety and Security Improvements Planned for Shoreline Middle and High Schools

Through diligent collaboration of school leaders and the Capital Projects team, improvements to safety and security are coming to Einstein Middle School, Kellogg Middle School, Shorecrest High School, and Shorewood High School in the next year. All projects are funded by Capital Projects dollars.

New Perimeter Fencing at High Schools - Summer 2024

To secure students entering and moving between school buildings, direct authorized visitors to school offices, and limit unauthorized access to school campuses during the school day, perimeter fencing with new access control technology will be installed at both Shorecrest and Shorewood. The plans have been submitted to the City of Shoreline, and we intend to install the fences this summer. 

At Shorecrest, the fencing will help secure the areas between the gym, theater, and main school buildings, creating a courtyard setting in these spaces. At Shorewood, the fencing will create a secure perimeter for the existing courtyard area. Both plans include adequate egress in case of emergency and maintaining ADA-compliant pathways.

Rendering of perimeter fencing that will secure the area between Shorecrest’s Commons/main building and the gym

South-End Campus Fencing at Shorecrest High School - Summer 2024

To enhance student safety during the school day, a locking gate will be installed to close the fence that borders Shorecrest campus and South Woods Park. The gate will be locked when school is in session and open outside of those hours to allow for student and community access to the park.

Vape Detectors at Middle and High Schools - 2024-25 School Year

To deter vaping at school and enhance student safety in bathrooms, we intend to install vape detectors in main student bathrooms at all of our secondary schools (Einstein, Kellogg, Shorecrest, and Shorewood) during the 2024-25 school year. We are currently exploring the infrastructure, technical, and procedural needs to implement these detectors.

Secure Vestibules at High Schools - Anticipated Completion for 2025-26 School Year

Secure entryways at Shorecrest and Shorewood are in the early stages of design. The intent of secure vestibules is to ensure that visitors to the campus, late-arriving students, deliveries, contractors, etc. are all routed through the schools’ main offices, as is the practice at our preschool - grade 8 buildings. We anticipate that the secure vestibules will be complete and in use in time for the 2025-26 school year.


Student and staff safety are of utmost importance to Shoreline School District, and we are pleased that we are able to bring these projects to our community to enhance security on our campuses.

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