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Transferring into Shoreline's HiCap Program

For students who received Highly Capable Services in another district and are applying for services in Shoreline.

You may apply for placement in Shoreline’s Highly Capable Program if your student was enrolled in a highly capable/gifted program in another school district. Your student must have been receiving Highly Capable Services immediately preceding your move to the Shoreline School District. Complete your move and register your student with Shoreline prior to applying for Highly Capable Services. Please provide the following documentation:

We evaluate all students using the CogAT, Iowa and/or i-Ready and multiple data points. To determine if placement is appropriate, we will evaluate cognitive and achievement assessment results and other data from your previous school district. Shoreline accepts only tests that are administered by a public or private school. Tests administered by outside agencies will not be accepted.

Follow these steps if you would like your student to be evaluated for placement.

  • Verification of enrollment in your student’s previous district’s Highly Capable Program.
  • Cognitive aptitude scores from a school-administered cognitive aptitude test.
  • Academic achievement test scores (e.g., STAR, IOWA/ITBS, MAP, i-Ready, etc.).
  • State testing results (if applicable; e.g., Smarter Balanced).
  • Report card from the previous year.
  1. Enroll at your designated Shoreline School District home school. This must be done first.
  2. Submit an Application for Highly Capable Transfer (PLEASE NOTE: This is not an application for testing. It is only for students that were previously enrolled in a Highly Capable Program in another school district).
  3. Provide the test results from the assessments required for placement in the Highly Capable Program of your previous district and all other required documents listed above.