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Highly Capable


Fall HiCap Testing Registration for New Enrolled Students is Now Closed.

Information on future screening and testing opportunities for your student can be found under the Identification page.

Select the appropriate  grade level tab that relates to your student for their grade level identification process.

2023-24 - Grade 5 Bus to Math 

If your 5th grade student is  taking Math 1 Instruction  this upcoming year, here is the Bus to Math FAQ and Talking Points sheet to better understand the process of receiving math services for the upcoming school year.

HiCap Magnet Program Transportation 

Specific information regarding transportation for students who will attend the Magnet HiCap Program will be communicated in the middle to late August, from the Transportation Department. Students who attend the magnet program at Meridian Park will be transported to and from their neighborhood school and the magnet school.

Important: Students need to be able to walk or have transportation to and from their home (or care provider) to their neighborhood school. Students cannot take the regular neighborhood buses as the bus schedules do not line up.

Contact Information

Phone: 206-393-4771
Ellen Kaje, Ph.D. 
Director of Categorical Programs and Academic Support
Jennifer Etter
Instructional Specialist for Highly Capable
Kristine Lemmé
Highly Capable and Assessment Specialist

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