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DIMC-District Instructional Materials Committee (approved instructional materials list)

DIMC Database (list of approved materials)

Instructional Materials Approval Process FAQs

What is the District Instructional Materials Committee DIMC?

DIMC includes classroom teachers, teacher-librarians, administrators and community members. Consistent with state law and district policy, the District Instructional Materials Committee (DIMC) reviews proposed basic and supplemental instructional materials requested for use by teachers, curriculum teams, and administrators at regularly scheduled meetings. While not directly involved in the selection of materials, the committee reviews the materials using the following criteria:

Compatible with District Instructional Strategic Plan

  • Aligned with District learning targets and Washington State Grade Level Expectations
  • Age and grade-level appropriate
  • Matches the varied instructional needs, abilities, and maturity levels of students served
  • Encourages critical thinking, literary and aesthetic appreciation, and acquisition of content knowledge
  • Contributes to an understanding of ethnic, cultural, and occupational diversity where appropriate
  • The fair and equitable portrayal of genders, age groups, and racial, religious, ethnic, and cultural groups
  • Recognizes the needs of a diverse range of learners, such as students with a wide range of achievement levels, as well as students with handicapping conditions
  • Applicable state and federal laws

All core and supplemental instructional materials must be approved by the Instructional Materials Committee based on the above criteria.

The District Academic Officer forwards recommendations from the IMC to the Superintendent. The Superintendent forwards the recommendations to the School Board for approval.

The Instructional Materials Committee includes administrators, teachers, parents.

What materials do I need to have approved?

All textbooks, novels, plays, software, online programs, supplemental materials that DO NOT fall under one of the following categories (more information outlined in Shoreline 2311P):

1. Resources used infrequently or for a short period of time

2. Non-sensitive individual resources used in sets of fewer than five

3. Plays, musicals, and productions used only outside of the school day as part of an extra-curricular program (Building principal’s approval is required.) 

How do I know what is already approved?

Click on the DIMC DATABASE to search for materials appropriate for your grade level or subject area. 

What if I want to use something that is not on this list?

You must go through the process of getting that material articulated by the District Instructional Materials Committee (DIMC). Please refer to the submission deadlines and forms on this page.