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About Superintendent Reyes


Dr. Reyes


Dr. Susana Reyes has served as Superintendent of Shoreline Public Schools since July 1, 2021.

Dr. Reyes’ path to Shoreline began in Mexico City, where she was born. After her father’s job at a medical laboratory was cut due to automation, she and her family moved to San Pedro Lagunillas, Nayarit, where her father attempted to make a living as a farmer. The earnings were not enough to provide for the family or for the children to attend school, so her parents ultimately decided to immigrate to the United States in search of a new chapter in their life. They made a home in Wapato, WA, where her parents worked in the fields all over Wapato and the Yakima Valley. Dr. Reyes and her siblings joined them in working during the spring thinning season and the summer and fall harvest seasons.

Wanting a better life for their children, her parents stressed the value of education and its importance to their future success. Dr. Reyes took that to heart at an early age, committing herself to doing the very best she could in school and found support and advocacy from the teachers and school staff she had growing up.

She explained that, while they aspired for more, her parents weren’t quite sure just how big they could dream for their children. “At first, they thought a better future was just not working in the fields or warehouse,” said Dr. Reyes. “But we had teachers and staff at the schools who loved us and really supported me in ways that helped my mom and dad dream bigger for us.”

Dr. Reyes chased that dream by committing herself to becoming a lifelong learner. After graduating from Wapato High School, she enrolled at Washington State University (WSU). A first-generation college graduate, Dr. Reyes earned several degrees and certifications through WSU. This included a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, a master’s degree in education administration, a doctorate of educational leadership, and principal and superintendent certifications. She also obtained an associate’s degree from Yakima Valley Community College.

After college, Dr. Reyes became a teacher and returned to Wapato to inspire and support students, just as those teachers she had in those same schools growing up had done for her. During her time in Wapato, she served as a bilingual elementary teacher, assistant principal and principal. She then went on to become the assistant superintendent for Pullman Public Schools and then served in the same role for the Mead School District near Spokane. She most recently served as the assistant superintendent of operations for the Pasco School District.