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Key Contacts for Families

Shoreline Public Schools staff strive to provide excellent customer service. We are always happy to help answer questions or resolve issues, and understand it can be hard to know who to contact when you need help. Below is a list of school staff and district departments to contact with questions or to receive assistance. 

We encourage families to resolve questions or concerns at the level closest to the issue and then progress up the chain of responsibility if you feel you have not received a satisfactory answer or resolution. For example: If you had a concern about your child’s classwork, you would first want to contact the teacher. If you are not satisfied at that level, you would then reach out to the school principal. If the school principal is unable to resolve the issue or question, you could then reach out to the appropriate district department depending on the topic or contact Assistant Superintendent Brian Schultz’s office. His assistant can be reached at 206-393-4365 or

If this information does not help connect you with the correct resource, or if after contacting a department or staff person, you need further assistance, please contact our Public Information Office at 206-393-4412 or  

Contacts at School

In the "Schools" drop-down menu on this site, you can find your child's school and a staff directory on their site.


  • Questions or concerns about your child’s progress, behavior, classwork, or homework
  • Classroom information, happenings, and activities
  • Bullying in the classroom or other classroom incidents
  • Learning supports


  • Questions or concerns about your child’s behavior in general and mental health
  • Social and emotional learning; school guidance team
  • Academics and career/college credits and courses
  • Questions or concerns related to 504 Plans 


  • Questions or concerns related to special education and IEPs

Family Advocates

  • Access to family resources and support
  • Information on getting free school supplies for your student
  • General family questions


  • Questions about a behavior issue or incident, including bullying
  • Questions about recess, lunch, bus, and similar school day activities
  • Technology resources and materials during remote learning
  • Student engagement

Principal’s Office

  • When your classroom question or concern is not resolved at another level
  • School concerns
  • Curriculum & Other School Program Questions
  • School reports and data
  • Bullying or Behavior situations that are ongoing or unresolved
  • Safety and security

Contacts at the District Office

Athletics  (206-393-4213)

Career and Technical Education  (206-393-4778)

Early Learning (206-393-4350)

Enrollment (206-393-4365)

  • Student registration
  • School transfer requests
  • Boundary exceptions
  • Kindergarten early entrance

Equity and Family Engagement (206-393-4217)

  • Family Engagement
  • Family and community resources
  • Family partnerships
  • Equity policies and practices
  • Natural Leaders Program
  • Affinity Groups

Food and Nutrition Services (206-393-4209)

Health Services  (Nurse Directory)

  • Immunizations
  • Medication at school
  • Vision and hearing screening
  • Life-threatening conditions

Highly Capable Program (206-393-4771)

  • Highly Capable eligibility and testing
  • Highly Capable services and programs
  • Transferring into Highly Capable

Human Resources (206-393-4772)

Maintenance and Operations (206-393-4401)

  • Custodial services
  • Grounds
  • Maintenance
  • Energy conservation

Public Information Office (206-393-4412)

  • General questions and assistance
  • Getting connected to the correct staff or department
  • Media requests
  • District emails and publications
  • Website
  • Surveys 

Student Services (206-393-4239)

Teaching and Learning (206-393-4211)

  • Curriculum
  • School Improvement Plans
  • Data and assessments 

Technology (206-393-4920)

Transportation (206-393-4277)

  • Bus stops
  • Transportation requests
  • Bus service information