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Kindergarten FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Kindergarten for 2023-24

Is there a cost involved for Kindergarten?

No, Kindergarten is free. 

Where do I register for Kindergarten?

You can register online or through your neighborhood school. If you don’t know which elementary school is your neighborhood site, please email

If you are applying to Cascade K-8 Community School or our Spanish Dual Language program at Briarcrest Elementary, you still need to register at your neighborhood school. 

What do I need to have when I register my child?

  • Birth certificate, passport, or USCIS document


  • Verification of residency such as a utility bill, lease agreement, mortgage statement

  • Emergency contact numbers, cell phone numbers, etc.

  • Phone number(s) for doctor

Does it matter when I register my child?

Enrollment for in-district students begins on Monday, January 23 and ends on Tuesday, February 28. 

Registration is not on a first-come, first-served basis. All in-district students and children of staff members who are enrolled by the close of business on February 28 will be put in a drawing to fill Kindergarten spaces available. Incoming kindergarten students who have a sibling currently enrolled in a Shoreline elementary school will be placed at the same school if enrolled prior to the close of business on February 28. Those enrolling after February 28 will be added to the wait list as they register.

How many Kindergarten classrooms will there be at each school?

Shoreline strives to place kindergarteners at their neighborhood schools. Registration, enrollment, and available classroom space determine how many kindergarten classes are created in each neighborhood school. Because of this, we do not predetermine a specific number of classes.

After the priority registration window closes, each school will confirm enrollment for resident students and students of staff. If enrollment exceeds available spots, each school will conduct a lottery during the first week of March to determine priority placement. Students who are not assigned to their home school during the lottery process will be placed on a waitlist. Waitlisted students will be offered spots in their neighborhood school as they become available. Students who are unable to attend their neighborhood school will be placed at another school in Shoreline and will receive district transportation. 

Is transportation provided for Kindergarten students?

Eligibility for transportation is based on the distance from your home to the school. If you live outside of the one-mile walk area or in an area designated as a hazardous walk area by the district, your student will be eligible for bus transportation. Please visit our Transportation page for more information.

What if I live in Shoreline and want my child to go to a different school?

Resident transfers will be considered on March 8, 2023. Families should enroll their incoming Kindergarten student at their neighborhood school first and then submit an In-District Transfer Request Form to the registrar at their desired school. These forms should be submitted to the requested school no later than March 7 for priority consideration. Families must register at their neighborhood school prior to submitting an In-District Transfer request form, which can be found here: Download the Resident Transfer form.

If your resident transfer request is granted, you are required to transport your child to and from school. 

The exception is those who are requesting either Cascade K-8 or Shoreline’s Spanish Dual Language program at Briarcrest. Please see above for an explanation of this process.

What if I live outside of the Shoreline School District?

Shoreline School District elementary schools are open to transfer requests from out-of-district students. Choice Transfer Requests for families who live outside the Shoreline district boundaries will be considered on March 8, 2023, after in-district transfer requests have been completed. 

If a family that lives outside of the Shoreline Schools boundary would like to be considered, the first step is to visit this state portal and complete a Choice Transfer Request for their child. Each building will consider the transfer request based on factors described in Board Policy 3141P. Once notified of acceptance, the family may then complete the standard enrollment process for their child. 

Please note that transportation is not provided for out-of-district students; if a Choice Transfer Request is approved, the parent/guardian assumes responsibility for transporting the student to and from school daily or allows his/her child with a valid driver's license to drive to and from school daily.

What if I am a District employee and live outside of the Shoreline School District?

Out-of-district employees may enroll their child during the Open Enrollment period (January 23 - February 28, 2023) for priority consideration. Kindergarten children of employees shall be assigned to a school on the same basis as resident students. All children of District employees are guaranteed placement in one of Shoreline’s elementary schools.

What if my child is not yet 5 years old by August 31?

Children whose birthday falls between September 1 and October 31 may qualify for early entrance. Parents are responsible for having their child evaluated by a Washington state-licensed psychologist. Learn more about kindergarten early entrance.

When will we receive information from the school about the new school year?

Most schools send a back-to-school letter toward the end of August, which includes a supply list. Many schools also post the supply list on their website.

When does the school office open in August?

School offices will open August 14, 2023.

For any additional enrollment information, please contact your neighborhood school, using the "Schools" drop-down menu on this website.